Become confident in your church communications

An online master class that will equip you to market your church without being manipulative

I took the past 15 years of my

very best work as an ad executive

and put it in one course.

I am an award winning advertising executive who’s worked with the likes of Google, Reebok, Advil, International Justice Mission, and churches ranging in size from Redeemer Presbyterian Church of NYC to church plants in rural America.

Over the years, I noticed that churches were getting bad advice.

The so-called church marketing experts were woefully under-experienced and under-skilled, and marketing professionals were woefully ignorant of how churches operate. Church marketing is either over-the-top or so poorly done it’s downright embarrassing. So, I set out to fix it. I began applying my expertise at churches of all sizes, eventually developing a methodology I call “Redemptive Marketing.” And now, 15 years later, it’s all yours.

Josh Chambers

What You'll Learn

You will learn to make the most of your limited time and money and to say no to the things people say you must do to be “relevant.” At the end of this course, you will have a plan, and the knowledge, to market your church clearly, beautifully, authentically, and persuasively.

Brand Strategy

How to lay a strategic foundation, define your personality, and choose the right colors/fonts.

Social Media Marketing

How to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email (Yup, email), and YouTube.

Redemptive Marketing

How we should think about marketing, and how to be persuasive without being manipulative.

Website Design

A step-by-step process for designing a user-friendly website.

Logo Design

How to design a beautiful (not cheesy) logo that fits your budget and your brand.

Content Creation

How to create a content calendar, map, and ecosystem; and how to leverage volunteers.

Rev. David Hanke - Restoration Anglican Church

"Josh enabled us to be the church God was calling us to be in North Arlington."

"One of the things that's true for a church is that your mission is given by Jesus. It's the same for all of us. What Josh Chambers did was to help us hear from God and describe how our church could tell our unique story. Josh taught us about the different tools available, and he gave us an understanding of how you use those tools together. It was a tremendous gift."

What You'll Get

The Church Marketing Workshop will teach you how to create an effective marketing plan for your church and includes multiple templates to get you started.

12 Video Sessions
100 Page PDF Workbook
11 Handpicked Fonts
8 beautiful color palettes
Proprietary web design process
Moodboard template
Content Audit template
Content Calendar template
Digital Ecosystem template
Audience Persona Template
Brand Personality template
Real life examples

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You don't have to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by your marketing. Join me as I teach you to communicate authentically, clearly, and efficiently.

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