Church Marketing

How to Create a Church Marketing Plan – Part 1

Looking to create a church marketing plan? This is part one of a multi-part series on how to create an effective church marketing plan. Imagine you’re a chef…You’ve been told to cook an amazing meal for important guests, so you get to work on a delicious parmesan ravioli and braised pork. The meal is ready, and the food is served, then you…

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5 Advanced Church Marketing Tactics for Capturing New Visitors

This is the second post in a two-part series answering the question, “How might you capture the attention of those looking for a new church in your neighborhood?” In Part I, we looked at the data surrounding new church visitors, and we answered four questions: Why are people are looking for a new congregation? How do they find a new congregation?…

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Are People Still Searching for Churches? Yes, and Here’s How to Convince Them to Stay – Pt 1

There has been significant attention paid to the rate at which young people are leaving the church, but what about all the Americans looking for a new church? In 1992, only 6% of Americans listed themselves as having “no religious affiliation,” or “Nones” for short. That number had risen to 22% in 2014, and among Millennials, the figure was 35%…

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