Church Social Media Marketing

3 Questions to Reshape Your Church’s Social Media Planning

Are you sick of being told you’re not doing enough on social media? Didn’t Jesus do ok without Facebook? And how about the early church? And do we really think that young people will stop leaving the church if churches could just figure out Facebook? Do the following headlines look familiar? 25 Tips to Grow your Followers Overnight 10,007 Pre-Written…

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Are People Still Searching for Churches? Yes, and Here’s How to Convince Them to Stay – Pt 1

There has been significant attention paid to the rate at which young people are leaving the church, but what about all the Americans looking for a new church? In 1992, only 6% of Americans listed themselves as having “no religious affiliation,” or “Nones” for short. That number had risen to 22% in 2014, and among Millennials, the figure was 35%…

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