Josh Chambers

I created the Church Marketing Workshop to help you tell great stories and transform your neighborhood.

I am passionate about reshaping the marketing industry from one that is filled with false promises and manipulation to one that is full of honesty, beauty, and redemption.

Together, we can change our local worlds and maybe even fix marketing along the way.

The Church Marketing Workshop was born out of practicality. Early in my career, I saw firsthand how painful marketing was for my church staff friends. They were getting conflicting, unhelpful advice and they didn’t have the time, knowledge, or money to get better advice. So, I began helping my local churches wherever I could. I volunteered, I consulted, and my wife and I participated in multiple church plants. What began as voluntarily building websites eventually evolved into a full-blown strategic approach to church marketing.

My expertise has come from 15 years of working with the likes of Google, PUMA, Reebok, Viacom, Easter Seals, International Justice Mission, Disney, IMG, and Advil. I have also founded multiple companies, including the company where I spend most of my time these days: Moon March – a full-service creative agency that helps Worthwhile Ventures establish their brand, craft beautiful experiences, and build their audience.

When I’m not working, I’m hanging out with my kids, playing music, riding a bike, drinking good coffee, and designing things for fun.