Imagine you’re a chef…You’ve been told to cook an amazing meal for important guests, so you get to work on a delicious parmesan ravioli and braised pork.

The meal is ready, and the food is served, then you discover your guests are Kocur, gluten-intolerant, and allergic to dairy. You made a great meal, but no one wants it.

Now imagine the same scenario, but someone did the research to tell you what ingredients you could work with. You still have the creative freedom to cook a fantastic meal, but you’re doing so with a pre-determined, agreed-upon list of ingredients.

When it comes to marketing, most churches are stuck in the first scenario. They start in the “Production” phase without deciding what ingredients they have to work with.

And so everything is subjective, and nothing is intentional. Your color palette was chosen because the guy who chose it just likes blue, your Facebook efforts are based on what someone had for breakfast, and your new website makes the designer happy, but no one can figure out where your church is.

Here’s my point: you can’t decide how you should use different marketing channels if you don’t know why you should use them, and you can’t know why you should use them until you lay a strategic foundation. And if you don’t, you will waste time and money over and over again.

The Church Marketing Workshop will ensure that by the time you get to production, you will know who you are, how you sound, what you look like, what your values are, who you’re targetting, why you’re spending money, and how you define a “win.”

Whether you’re well into your marketing efforts, or you’re just getting started, the Church Marketing Workshop will teach you to lay a strategic foundation that enables each marketing channel to work together, reach the right people, and accomplish your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions


I'm a small church, is this overkill?

No - just the opposite. This is the perfect time for the Church Marketing Workshop. You need a foundation for your marketing efforts and the Church Marketing Workshop will help you get there. It will also teach you how - and when - to deploy marketing channels (i.e. Facebook). Even if you're months/years away from using a specific marketing channel, by setting a foundation now, you will know how, when, and why to use that channel in the future.

We're already good at marketing, is this too 101?

I run my Fortune 100 clients through a very similar process, and we always identify gaps and areas for improvement. You may be a Facebook ad expert, a gifted designer, or an experienced writer; the Church Marketing Workshop will help you clarify why your church does what it does, give you a plan to deploy your skills within, and unify your team's marketing efforts.

What will I need to maintain this work?

The beauty of the Church Marketing Workshop is that it helps you build a plan that is right for your circumstances. So, the answer to this question is, "It depends." If your plan contains a robust ecosystem and content calendar, you will need a full-time person/team. If, however, you're working with volunteers only, then your plan will reflect that.

Are there any additional costs I should expect?

Again, this depends on the plan you create. I address this question more thoroughly in the course, but at the bare minimum, you will need to pay for a website provider (as low as $12.00 / month). Other things such as Facebook ads, custom photography, or internal communication sites are preferential. In most cases, I present you with two options: what to do if you have money to spend, and what to do if you don't.

Who shouldn't buy this course?

Churches who have a solid foundation in place and who are looking to optimize specific marketing initiatives. For example, "We know who we are, we know why we do what we do, we know our personality, we've mapped our digital ecosystem, and now we need help improving our Facebook advertising conversion rates."

How long will I have access to the content for?

Forever. Once you purchase, it's all yours.

Can I split the cost with another church?

Yes! We have a "Group" purchase option, allowing you to share the cost and content with up to five churches.

Can I download the videos?

Yes. By default videos are available via streaming. Upon request you will receive a link to download the videos. Please note: it is a very big download, so if you make sure you give yourself enough time.

How does the "Money Back" thing work?

It's very straightforward: if you're not happy I'll do my best to make it right first. If I can't, I'll give you your money back. All I ask is that you delete the content once the refund is issued.

Do I need Photoshop?

Most of the templates are built in ubiquitous applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, or Keynote. However the Social Media Design template are Photoshop files.

Questions the Church Marketing Workshop teaches you to answer

  • Where should we spend our time and money?
  • What are our values?
  • How do we ensure we produce quality content?
  • How can I create a logo that fits my budget (Big or nonexistent)?
  • What is our brand personality – the way we look, write, and speak?
  • Who is in our neighborhood?
  • How do we define our audience? Is that antithetical to the gospel?
  • Should we be using Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.? If so, when?
  • How do we design a website we’re proud of?
  • How often should we be sending emails?
  • Do we need a content strategy?
  • How often should we be posting?
  • And many more!

You will have lifetime access to this content, allowing you to reuse the videos and templates as you grow. And if you take the class and it didn’t meet your expectations, I will give you your money back.

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